Saturday, September 15, 2018

Palinopsia/seeing again

‘Palinopsia / seeing again’ is a laser projection work on a Glow-in-the-Dark (GITD) surface that Jurgen Meekel and Jill Richards made in collaboration with engineers Daniel de Kock and Jarryd Bekker.  

The Laser work
The most recent iteration of the work was the practical component for Jurgen’s MAFA exhibition: ‘Palinopsia: Images at their Ends: A Practice-based study in Traces, Temporality and Image Dissipation, using Glow In The Dark Laser Technology as a Medium for Contemporary Art.’
A short clarifying 3 min registration from an exhibition at Wits / Point of Order, 2018 can be found at

With a purplish-blue UV laser as a projection source and using fully covered painted phosphorescent canvas as the projection surface, after-glowing images are projected that appear line by line (much like a fax or inkjet printer). In this way, the projection canvas records the image. The projected image/text elements will diminish in luminosity over time. New elements are projected as the older ones fade.

When projecting with lasers onto a glow-in-the-dark surface the image will leave a clear green trace and remains visible for some time (4-6 min). After that, one can re-project over the remaining image to create a visual layering.  The way temporality and perseverance leave a finite mark or trace of the projected image positions glow-in-the-dark laser projection between cinema and photography.

The Performance
The proposed work for ISEA will be a collaboration between Jurgen Meekel and Jill Richards. Similarly to G-I-T-D laser projection, music operates on the basis of time. Therefore we have chosen existing contemporary musical pieces (recordings of my performances), self-composed pieces and pre-produced soundscapes from various audio recordings that have a relationship with temporality and decay. There will be 5 sections of each 10 / 20 minutes. The individual sections are different ways to engage and play with the medium, wherein some parts the improvised and premeditated music and sounds propel the projection and vice-versa in other parts.
Like this, an audience will also be able to distinguish the difference between the sound and the visual approaches. There will be overlapping transitions in visual and audio depending on the dissipation of the images and timing of the soundscapes. It takes around 8 minutes for an image to fully dissipate and we will also use sounds that linger. 

The sections: 
Fragments and omissions
Palinacousis (hearing again)
Silence and edges

Biographies of the artists 

Jurgen Meekel, Amsterdam - 1963
Living in Johannesburg since 2005
Cum laude graduate from the Rietveld Academy of Fine-Arts in audio-visual art and sculpture in Amsterdam (1989). After his study he worked on art installation pieces, sculptures and video work. Some of his installation work was acquired by the Central Museum of Modern Art in Utrecht. From 1996 till present date he also worked on motion-graphic design, animation, camera and sound work, compositing, visual effects, editing and music scoring for video productions in the arts and adjacent applied fields. Currently, he lectures Post Production and VFX at Wits School of the Arts in Film &TV and continues producing, collaborating and exhibiting work in the field of the arts. 

Jill Richards, Johannesburg

Jill Richards is a South African pianist specialising in new music. Versatile and dynamic, her interests range from Bach to free improvisation.
Her career includes collaborations with numerous composers from around the world. She has a longstanding working relationship with Kevin Volans who has written many solo works as well as piano duos for her. These she has performed with the composer as partner. Jill has worked with Jörg Schäffer, François Sarhan, Rudiger Meyer, Clare Loveday, and many others. She has also toured with live music performances to William Kentridge's films.

Jill has performed and been broadcast in the UK, Europe, North America and Australasia. Among these were the BBC broadcasts of the premières of solo and duo works of Kevin Volans. She has released five CD's, including the Grammy-nominated "Cicada" of Volans, as well as the complete piano music of Michael Blake.
Jill has performed with renowned Spanish composer and sound artist Francisco Lopez. She also collaborates with sound artist João Orecchia, visual artist Marcus Neustetter, composer-drummer Christophe Fellay, video artists Dorothee Kreuzfeld and Jurgen Meekel, and Joke Lanz of Sudden Infant. Jill and Waldo Alexander recorded works by Kevin Volans for piano, violin and viola for the Ergodos label; the CD includes Volans' 9th piano etude, written for her.

Bushveldlabs engineers - Jarryd Bekker and Daniel Jacobus de Kock, Johannesburg
BushveldLabs engineers is a design and engineering consultancy that specialises in rapid product/solution development involving mechanical & mechatronic systems, physical computing and interactive media. We thrive on radical, disruptive and bold ideas that would terrify the typical garden variety engineer. 

Thursday, February 23, 2017

Video work at the Centre for the Less Good Idea - Jurgen Meekel

Time / Louder / Faster 
Jurgen Meekel (2017)

The video installation piece includes three different projections in a triptych arrangement. It shows digitally manipulated video footage that was gathered during the first workshop held at the Centre for the Less Good Idea in December 2016. The video material, that contains mainly dance and boxing, is treated with a filter that takes a number of video frames before and after the current frame. This produces a wavery effect.

In addition, there’s an audio recording that runs simultaneously with the 3 videos, containing music and sounds that were also produced during the December workshop. The loudness-intensity of the audio track propels the footage forward, in a faster or slower manner. In other words, the higher dB’s (decibels) the faster the video moves forward in time and the lower the dB’s the slower it moves.The piece uses audio and video material that was recorded at the workshop, hence I would like to thank all participants that were subjects’ or involved in producing the recordings in this piece.

’Time, Louder, Faster' by Jurgen MeekelVoice: Ann Masina
Percussion: Tlale Makhene

Most prominent dancer in the video: Thulani Chauke
Camera: Dusko Marovic, Ivan Leathers, Jurgen Meekel

Sound Recording: Gavan Eckhart

Meekel's newest work is a triptych of 3 video and will be featured in Season 1 as part of the Blackboard Projections
exhibition which is free to the public between 1 and 5 March. 

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Palinopsia-(seeing again) is my new laser Projection work on a Glow-in-the-Dark surface that was made in collaboration with BushveldLabs. The premiere of this digital art project was shown the Alight festival on 1 Sept 2016 in Johannesburg. When projecting with lasers onto a GITD surfaces, the image will leave a trace and remains visible for some time. After that, one can re-project over the remaining image to create visual layering. The way temporality and the mark relate to each other, positions glow-in-the-dark laser projection between cinema and photography.

Tuesday, January 5, 2016

The Missing Link from Lausanne

'The Missing Link from Lausanne' (Jurgen Meekel - 2015)
 side and frontal view 
 glazed porcelain, (30 x 12 x 25cm - l,w,h) 

Monday, November 14, 2011


Made these two animations with Mileta and Sanja Postic, David Vannucci, Richard Markham and Ann-Marie Tully for the presentation / handover of the South African National Development Plan on 11-11-11.

Made these two animations with Mileta and Sanja Postic, David Vannucci, Richard Markham and Ann-Marie Tully for the presentation / handover of the South African National Development Plan on 11-11-11.

For the Jeff Barbee Cape to Amsterdam sea trip diary I designed this title sequence.
The size is small as it was sent to me from the sailng ship via satellite, which was quite costly. In the course of 3 months we uploaded 20 similar video's reporting on climate change in the Atlantic ocean.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Work and Play

Kammakastigland (short feature, ±12min)
a title seq and posters / banner from 2007


photoshopped big guy

Friday, December 11, 2009

I, the writer MUSIC VIDEO

Music Video for I, the writer - Come and see them.
Shot on 3 Kodak C913 camera's simultaneously using a custom made rig on 7th str 4 hrs in Melville, Johannesburg.
view and download on
View come-and-see-them-final-1-mp4

Sunday, October 18, 2009


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stole a ... picture at
é animé overflakkéé..

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tea cosy x 3

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l' homage _to_ William Wegmam

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Post Pancreatic Stress Syndrome

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Sunday, April 5, 2009

WORK [kr4k] installation pieces

'Dagsoep' (1994) Theater Aan de Werff fesival, Utrecht jurgen meekel

'Dagsoep' (1994) Theater Aan de Werff fesival, Utrecht jurgen meekel

'Vous êtes ici' (1991) Gallery het Recept jurgen meekel

'Warning this is not a life saving device,..' Centraal Museum (1989) jurgen meekel

'Cornelis Coot' for Groninger Strip Museum (2004)

'Golden Shower' (1995) Volia, Pignans (Provence) jurgen meekel

'Golden Shower' (1995) Volia, Pignans (Provence) jurgen meekel

'Golden Shower' detail (1995) Volia, Pignans (Provence) jurgen meekel

'Untiled' (1995) DAAR, Amsterdam jurgen meekel

'Beinvenue aux combattantes de la derniére heures' (1993) Lacoste (Provence) jurgen meekel

'Beinvenue aux combattantes de la derniére heures' (1993) Lacoste (Provence) jurgen meekel

'Zinkgas' Amsterdam RAI (1989) jurgen meekel

'Hospitality' (1996) Gappler W+P, Amsterdam jurgen meekel

'Stoeprandtrappetje' pavement staircase (1993) de verloren zaak jurgen meekel

'Worst' Arti et Amiticea (1994) Amsterdam jurgen meekel

'kerststal' nativity scene at DAAR (1992) jurgen meekel

'het haar van de baard' oude kerk, amsterdam (1990) jurgen meekel


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